Safety and Guidance

Essential Resources: Safety & Guidance

At BNSF, safety is not only a top priority, but our culture.  When we share a common goal, practice effective communication and take ownership of that common goal, we build trust among all those involved. This allows us to create and maintain a successful team and improve our safety together.

Safety Briefings

As a valued contractor partner, BNSF holds you to the same high standard of safety to make certain everyone returns home safely.

Safety Update – Life Jacket Requirement
Safety Briefing – PPE Considerations
Safety Briefing – Boat Operations
Safety Briefing – PFD Guidance
Safety Briefing – Track Protection
Safety Update – Fentanyl

BNSF workers

Guidance Documents

Exposures are a state of being that cannot be eliminated or altered.  They exist in everything we do.  Be the one who makes a difference.  If you see something, say something.

Guidance Document – Wildland Firefighting