Sponsored Training

Hazmat Training: Sponsored by BNSF

Build your railroad response knowledge and capabilities through tuition-sponsored hazmat training.


This training opportunity provides community first responders with tuition-only scholarships to the new Security and Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC) in Pueblo, CO.  To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a community first responder who would respond to a BNSF incident in your jurisdiction or respond to a BNSF incident by mutual aid.

Note: Tuition only, all other expenses not included (i.e. travel expenses).

The following GIS link will help you understand the railroad network through your area.

Federal Railroad Administration GIS

The tuition-only scholarships are offered for the following courses:

Tank Car Specialist  (TCS):

Duration: 5-Days, 40-Hours
The course is specifically designed as intensive hazardous materials emergency response training for the specialist level with a focus on freight rail incidents potentially involving WMDs, including flammable and combustible liquids transported by rail. Participants will receive comprehensive training beyond that of traditional “hazardous materials technician level,” and their instruction will include, but is not limited to, railroad nomenclature, railcar designs, specialty features unique to the railroad, product transfer, containment methods, plugging and patching to including use of special containment devices and flaring operations.

HazMat/WMD Technician for Surface Transportation (HWMDTST)

Duration: 10-Days, 80-Hours
This course  is designed to prepare technical responders for the offensive measures necessary to mitigate a flammable/combustible liquid, toxic or industrial hazardous material, or WMD/IED emergency in surface transportation. Participants respond to simulated emergencies on bulk and non-bulk packaging, railcars, cargo tanks, and intermodal and portable tanks, utilizing techniques to perform containment and confinement procedures.

Training Scholarship Request

By completing the below form you acknowledge as a first responder you have BNSF track within your jurisdictional response area or respond to BNSF through mutual aid, you have approval from your supervisor/approving officer to attend training and you further acknowledge this scholarship includes tuition only, all other expenses (i.e. travel expenses) are not included.