BNSF Hazmat Team Compliance

Being compliant with the requirements of the BNSF Hazmat Responder Program insures you are ready to respond at a moments notice.  Annual training, medical compliance and responder gear rotation are all essential requirements to accomplish a safe and timely response.

BNSF Hazmat Responder/Advisor
Compliance Log

wdt_ID Status Type EmployeeID LastName FirstName Department Course Training Date PhysicalDate PhysicalExp FitTestDate
1 Active Advisor b1635259 Acevedo Juan LARS
2 Active Advisor b1678929 Adkerson Russell Mechanical
3 Active Advisor b1174127 Ahlf Victor Mechanical
4 Active Responder b01144369 Aho Joe Operations 08/16/2018 08/15/2020 07/10/2018
5 Active Responder b00110403 Allen Nathaniel Mechanical 02/06/2018 02/06/2020 06/08/2018
6 Active Responder b01388719 Alvarado Evan Mechanical 01/26/2017 01/26/2019 07/10/2018
7 Active Responder b01583137 Anderson Gary Mechanical 09/25/2017 09/25/2019 10/23/2018
8 Active Responder b00319012 Anderson Josh Mechanical 02/07/2018 02/07/2020 10/23/2018
9 Active Advisor b6549588 Andrade James Mechanical
10 Active Responder b00027813 Antczak Bryan Mechanical 08/16/2017 08/16/2019 10/23/2018