Contractor Safety Briefing

2:00 pm

As a result of an incident involving an Environmental/Emergency Response Contractor working on BNSF property, without proper track protection established and in place, we are posting the attached Safety Briefing and Contractor Safety Briefing Card to reinforce key safety concepts surrounding this incident.  While no one was injured, it highlights the need to ensure your employees have undergone the proper Roadway Worker Protection/On-Track Safety Training (RWP) and this training is reinforced at the job site through job safety briefings.   As a reminder RWP training is separate from BNSF Contractor Orientation and must be delivered by the contractor to its own employees.

Each Roadway Worker involved on a project must be able to answer the following questions before a job briefing is considered complete:

  1. Who is the employee in-charge of my on-track safety?
  2. What type of on-track safety do I have on the tracks I am working on?
  3. Is this type of protection appropriate for the type of work that I am performing?
  4. Will other machines or personnel be involved in the work? If so how?
  5. What type of on-track safety do I have, if any, on adjacent tracks?
  6. When clearing the track where is my designated place of safety?
  7. What are the track limits of my on-track safety?
  8. What is the time limit of my on-track safety?
  9. Where can I find a copy of the on-track safety rules?
  10. Do I understand all aspects of my on-track safety and feel that I am adequately protected against trains and on-track equipment?
    (taken from RWT Roadway Worker Training,

Safety Briefing

Contractor Safety Card